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The name "Nexus Essentia" combines two powerful concepts. "Nexus" means a central link or connection, symbolizing being at the heart of everything, like standing in the middle of an intersection. "Essentia" refers to the essence or essential being of something, representing the core substance or reality of existence.

Together, "Nexus Essentia" signifies a central point of connection to one's true essence and being.

A One-Day Transformative Retreat Sunday, 28th July, 2024

Studio Wayne McGregor, Olympic Park, London

Led by Founder Tarun Hari Das, Flying in from Portugal

July 28th 2024 marks the launch of "Nexus Essentia", the new name for the much loved Soulful Connections.  Taking place in the heart of London, at the inspiring Studio Wayne McGregor, Olympic Park.


For months, whispers of its arrival have echoed through the corridors of consciousness, a beacon of transformation for those seeking deeper meaning. Now, after much anticipation, the wait is finally over.

This powerful one-day retreat is meticulously designed to unlock your hidden potential and guide you towards a life of profound purpose.


Nexus Essentia is a transformative one-day retreat designed to harmonise the physical body with the mind and spirit.  Your day begins with a powerful breathwork session, oxygenating the body, energising the mind and setting a focused tone for the rest of the retreat. Following this, participants engage in Qi Gong, an ancient practice that combines gentle physical movements, meditation, and breathing techniques to cultivate and balance vital energy. This is seamlessly followed by Kemetic yoga, which focuses on controlled postures and deep breathing to enhance physical alignment and spiritual awareness.

After a morning of invigorating practices, attendees who opt for the lunch package enjoy a nutritious and delicious meal designed to nourish the body and complement the day’s activities. The afternoon session features an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) workshop, providing tools and techniques to help participants reprogram their subconscious mind for personal growth and positive change.  The retreat culminates with the highly anticipated Tibetan bowl sound healing and visualisation meditation. The grounding vibrations of the sound bowls resonate to create a deep state of relaxation and inner calm, leaving participants feeling renewed, centered, and connected to their inner essence.

Reserve Your Spot

Nexus Essentia Launch ~~ 28th July 2024

Click the link below for more information and to reserve your spot today.   Tickets have sold before the event's advertising, so act quickly to secure your place.

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