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Mon, Dec 06


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12 Days Of Consciousness

Christmas, for many, is the busiest time of year. Festive expectations can easily create stress, and stress undeniably corrodes the quality of consciousness and self-esteem. This course delivers 12 brilliant mental and physical, powerful and insightful proven methods to get you through.

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12 Days Of Consciousness
12 Days Of Consciousness

Time & Location

Dec 06, 2021, 7:00 PM – Dec 19, 2021, 8:00 PM

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About the event

Course Instructor                Tarun Hari Das

Course Begin Date              06/12/21

Course Frequency               Every Day for 12 Days

Course Time                           7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Course Length                     12 Days (No Tuesdays)


Mental health doesn’t take time off at Christmas, and with all the added stresses that can come with the festive season, it’s very important to care for your well-being.

If thoughts of how you will get everything done leave you feeling daunted; you are not alone. Research has found that 65% of us find it difficult to stay energized and focused during the Christmas period, while 57% feel under pressure to get through their to-do list on a standard working week, let alone with festivities added on top.

Christmas goes against the grain in accordance with how you should be maintaining a balance of well-being and growth during the winter solstice and often leaves you depleted and drained.  Many people suffer from the Christmas blues as the meaning of what Christmas is supposed to signify leaves many feeling robbed of inner joy with an unconscious yearning for the whole period to come to an end.  This is then followed by 'New Year Resolutions' that barely pick up any momentum because of an already depleted reserve of energy and willpower.

Learn how to honor the winter solstice with this powerful course that looks at ancient knowledge and wisdom that science has proven to benefit the state of consciousness, mental health, and the power of decisiveness that supports your persistence and determination to grow.

What you will learn:

  • The Vedic perspective of the winter solstice
  • The effect of 'Solstices and The State of Consciousness
  • Natures guidelines for the winter solstice
  • How to consciously step off the 'Merry-Go-Round'
  • How to ENJOY the winter solstice with or without Christmas
  • 12 Crucial Mental Health maintenance techniques for surviving & avoiding burnout and losing a sense of self-worth
  • 12 Crucial physical exercises to implement for strengthing the Vital Life Force in the body
  • Powerful meditation techniques and formulas for developing Will Power during the winter solstice
  • The best diet for the winter solstice that keeps the body optimized
  • Ayurvedic medicines for the winter solstice
  • Ancient wisdom on planning a route to navigate from the winter solstice to the spring solstice

The Winter Solstice, or the December Solstice, is the point at which the path of the sun in the sky is farthest south. At the Winter Solstice, the sun travels the shortest path through the sky resulting in the day of the year with the least sunlight and therefore, the longest night.

In the lead-up to the Winter Solstice, the days become shorter.  Then on the evening of the solstice,  which in the Northern Hemisphere occurs annually on the 21st or 22nd of December, winter begins.

During this period, you can begin to feel lethargic and generally exhausted because your exposure to sunlight is limited, this can also affect your sleep pattern and quality of sleep.  The change in seasons that brings us into the winter solstice affects the body's circadian rhythm, which regulates your normal sleep cycles, as well as your ability to produce melatonin, aka your body's sleep hormone.

Why you should do this course:

Every November, it is not strange to experience a sudden and often drastic decrease in energy, a shift into the low mood, difficulty getting out of bed, the onset of crying at random times, slowness in movement, and heaviness in the heart. The Western medical industry calls this, “Seasonal Affective Disorder”, but it is ridiculous to pathologize what seems like a very natural response to a shift in the natural environment dying and the sun being covered up (especially if you live in an urban environment where you don’t work outside). The body responds to cold by wanting to close in, we experience fatigue from lowered vitamin D from lack of exposure to the sun, we spend less time in the healing presence of nature when it is cold, our bodies stiffen, and more of our days are spent in darkness. Cold weather can put increased stress on our cardiovascular system. Cold temperatures cause your blood vessels to constrict, shallow breathing, and a slight thickening of the blood. 

Cold temperatures cause our soft tissues; muscles, tendons, and ligaments to become stiff and tighten up. Our joints become more compacted affecting our mobility. Arthritic joints are already more compact due to the breakdown of the cartilage between the bones. And, other injuries are affected because of the stiffness of the soft tissues that allow for motion.

Small blood vessels, or capillaries, are also constricted. This causes a lower blood supply, especially to the distal extremities like your hands and feet where the capillaries are small. Soft tissues and joints need your nice warm blood to heal, stay healthy, and move smoothly.

On this course, you will learn how to deal with the winter solstice, not as an adversary but as an aid.  Learn the benefits of what winter brings and align yourself with the prosperity of the winter solstice.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in self-care
  • Anyone interested in the science of the winter solstice
  • Anyone interested in avoiding the stress of Christmas
  • Anyone interested in improving the quality of life through winter

As this time of year is expected to get hectic, you may not be able to attend every day.  Rest assured.  Every day will be recorded for replay at any time.  The dynamic nature of our courses is always recommended for reviewing to gain more insight and understanding making it easier to commit to change.


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