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June - Nectar of The Divine: YinYang Reborn Health & Spiritual Retreat


Internally Heal & Regenerate


At the Nectar of The Divine retreat, we finally pierce the veil and experience first-hand the transformational alchemy that occurs when living fuel partners with sacred ritual. Through a personalized plant-based diet rich in living nutrients and intuitive guidance in breathwork, meditation and yoga, we'll reawaken your body to its brilliant, natural rhythms.

In a world that moves faster every day, it's easy to feel constantly drained, deeply unsettled, and far from your best self. Schedules crammed with obligations leave no room for recharging your most precious resource - your health, energy levels and sense of ease. How long has it been since you took a real break to dig deeper?

In our always-on culture, true balance remains elusive and stress's invisible cracks propagate throughout your life. You know there has to be a better way, a harmonious state just out of reach, but in the chaos of modern life who has time or tools for transformation? If you feel the tired but frenetic pace is taking its toll, you've come to the right place. The Nectar of the Divine retreat promises to halt the drain and set you back on a nourishing path towards presence, vitality and full alignment within.


A Gateway to Transformation

Transcend with Ease


The Overview

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The Benefits

    Rediscover Food as Your Medicine

    Harness plants' innate healing properties through living nourishment designed to directly impact your vibration.
    Detox Your System Naturally

    A diet rich in superfoods, herbs and antioxidant-packed produce will gently sweep your body clean of impurities for deep detox support.
    Say Goodbye to Junk Cravings

    As you nourish cells optimally, your tastes will subtly recalibrate away from inflammatory triggers towards true nourishment.
    Boost Natural Energy Levels

    By digesting living foods that require minimal effort to break down, you'll feel vibrant all day without energy crashes or digestive distress.
    Reverse Common Ailments

    Conditions like skin issues, gut imbalance, fatigue and mood dips are often caused or exacerbated by an inadequate diet. A plant-based program can help remedy root causes.

Ticket Price

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