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Welcome to a new 'Way Of Life'

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Way Of

So what is so special
about this app?

In truth, there is no one answer to that question.  It is true that there are many unique aspects to the app, but the main point of focus should be on the variety of topics that are covered under the spirituality category, which is the main focus of the app.  There are many aspects of Vedic knowledge that are applicable to your life, from the mundane physical interaction of your everyday life to the mental entanglement of your life and also the spiritual transformation of your soul.


Whether it is dealing with mundane physical interactions in our daily lives or the mental entanglement of our minds,  Vedic knowledge covers every area of our lives in their entirety, finishing with the evolution of our souls on the spiritual plane.

Even though Vedanta is taught, we also cross reference the material with Kemetic, Hermetic, and ancient traditional African spirituality taking the esoteric teachings beyond cultural reference.  It is important to note that the soul is above all forms and ideas of culture.  Culture is territorial, the soul is universal.

What can I learn from this app?

Listed below are the courses found on the app.  In-depth descriptions of each course can be found on the app.  This page is to help you understand the subscriptions on the app and how to use the app.  

The Courses

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the Journey

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Every subscription course begins with this powerful Seven-Day Groundworks Course.  This course will prepare you for great change by creating the mental space needed to harvest true growth.

Save Today and get a Full Access "One Year - VIP Premium Year Plan"

Alternatively, you also have the option of signing up on a monthly subscription basis

The "One Year - VIP Premium Plan" secures you access to all courses + VIP Seminars and the Transcending Matters Spiritual Warrior Gift Pack.  Read below for details.

This - APP LAUNCH BUNDLE - is time-limited.  Subscription fees are subject to increase from 5th Dec 2022.

The One Year-VIP Premium Plan includes the following:

14 High-End, unique courses on self-development, emotional mastery, and spirituality valued at £5600 

You have access to more than 220 hours of intense, in-depth lectures on a variety of topics.

Get in touch for additional support on anything you need more clarity on, which is covered in the lectures. 

Receive a Transcending Matters T-shirt and a set of meditation beads with your subscription. (Value £40)

Receive a Meditation Album entitled "Padded Bliss".  This album is centered around the 432HTZ Heart Chakra frequency and is an excellent aid for all forms of meditation. 

Access to the exclusive Transcending Matters Once-A-Month Spiritual Seminars held by Tarun Hari Das.  Join in on live workshops and question and answer sessions to inspire and motivate your growth.

We invite you to join us in the community area that promotes growth and well-being in all aspects of your life.

Become a member of a community devoted to the wellness and growth of its members.

Courses for self-development, spiritual understanding, and self-mastery

Adapt your learning style to fit your needs.  You can learn at a pace that suits you.

Keep track of your progress by using our progress-tracking tool.

There is a variety of games and quizzes to engage in as well as competitions.

A downloadable version of each course is available for offline use.

Receive a POWERFUL meditation that promotes healing and cleansing of the mind, body, and spirit efficiently and effectively. Transcend stress and anxiety with this meditation and experience a sense of peace, tranquility, and harmony within your own inner realm.   100% Results Guaranteed.  Effective every time!

Benefits of completing these courses...

Provide long-lasting relief from anxiety and stress

Be equipped with the mental tools to re-evaluate and create a new mindset for the future

Using Deep Contemplation as a tool to reprogram the subconscious self

Identify and develop powerful new mental tools for aiding the treatment of depression 

Permit yourself to enjoy life regardless of your circumstances

Learn to unlearn the meaning of spirituality in order to relearn it in its entirety

Lectures that are rich in knowledge and inspiration, full of deep information and diversity

Getting motivated to create the best version of yourself is key to becoming the best of who you can be

There will be homework and coursework from time to time depending on the nature of the course. The most important practice to implement whilst doing these courses is to take notes and review regularly.

There are no forced deadlines for course completion.  All courses will be accessible as long as subscription fees are up-to-date.

It is very easy to change your subscription status.  Just send a request email and we will be happy to assist you with the procedure.

It is very easy to cancel your subscription.  Subscriptions are based on monthly payments with no long-term contracts. Please note: Any subscription cancellations will result in losing all saved and downloaded data and courses.  If you prefer a subscription suspension, just let us know and your tracking information will be saved.  Just send a request email and we will be happy to assist you with the procedure.


Choose a Subscription Pack that best suits you.

Now is a great time to sign up for any of our subscription packages for an amazing deal of just £4.99 a month. 


 We are offering a fantastic deal for only £4.99 a month for any of our subscription packages (except VIP One-Year Plan), so sign up today for the subscription of your choice and save big money.

Take a free course today

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