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Begin Your Journey To The Bliss Within

Life is too precious to ignore self.  Let your true nature shine and lead you to your greatest good.  We are here to help you discover the best in you.

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Providing self-development, spiritual understanding, and self-mastery courses throughout the world.

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Being dedicated to the welfare of others is at the forefront of everything we do.
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Welcome To Our New Learning Platform

A new platform has now been set up for the delivery of our courses. Using the latest technology we have developed a Progressive Web App which will soon be available as a native app that can be downloaded from the app store of your choice.  We offer a wide variety of courses and subscriptions based on your interests in spirituality and self-development.


Find out more about the courses we offer and our subscription plans hereSign up for your free course today!!!

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Online Class

Learn at your own pace

Create your own study schedule and learn at a pace that works for you.  Lectures are downloadable for offline studying.

Transcending Matters Power of Prana Course

Choose what suits you

You can choose from a number of subscription packages and courses that are of premium quality.  We offer a variety of premium courses and subscription packages, so there is something for anyone on the path of self-development physically, spiritually, or mentally.  

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Powerful Guided Meditations

In addition, we provide you with powerful meditations and yoga routines to strengthen your perception of yourself, both internally and externally.

  • Accessible across all devices

  • Track your progress

  • Join the thriving community

At Transcending Matters, we are committed to bringing balance and joy to your life. We offer a broad range of courses for every level. It's time to invite more meaning and calm to your daily routine.

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Our Next Events
Spiritual Retreat
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Spiritual Retreat by:
Transcending Matters & Hidden Truth 

June 17th

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September 22nd

Info To Be Announced



Info To Be Announced

High Quality
Pure Clarity


Top Seller

We offer a selection of high-quality spiritual recordings to help you transcend your life's challenges.  You can find updates to the catalog periodically, so make sure you stay updated on what's new.


What people are saying...


Yvonne Daily

My experience with Tarun has been awesome, his style of teaching beautifies the Soul.


Theresa Black

Tarun is deeply passionate about TM, especially in how he delivers the lessons; I can actually feel all his energy engulfing the class;


Adrian Finch

Tarun is the most sincere, down-to-earth reality soul I've ever met. Always at hand to give support and guidance regarding any matter.

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You will receive a great wealth of benefits by joining the Transcending Matters Family.  In addition to receiving discounts on courses and retreats, you will also gain access to our daily wellness blog, regular updates on our events, and much more.

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