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Reflecting on a Soulful Journey: From Mitcham to the Olympic Park

Namaste Friends,

I sit here in a state of awe and gratitude as I reflect back on our incredible Soulful Connections events series over the past 6 weeks. It truly feels like a dream that we were able to manifest such profound gatherings, all culminating in our grand finale event in the magnificent Olympic Park.

Unveiling the Path:

As I reflect on our remarkable journey, my mind travels back to where it first began - in the quaint town of Mitcham in South London. It was there, in a humble community space, that we started our mission to cultivate spiritual nurturing and personal development.

Even though it was a small-scale start, RH Studios’ welcoming staff helped ensure our first event ran smoothly. Most importantly, RH Studios’ ethos of promoting holistic well-being through diverse practices aligned perfectly with our own mission. Initiating our journey in such an inspiring locale gave that first gathering the ideal nurturing context. I believe RH Studios’ supportive atmosphere helped plant those important early seeds which would later blossom into the thriving movement Soulful Connections has become.

As I ponder on our journey, I'm reminded of how organically it unfolded. After that initial seeding in Mitcham, our numbers prompted a move to the spacious halls of Martin's Primary School in North London.

When attendee numbers continued to grow beyond our initial space, we realized we needed to move locations on short notice. In a stroke of serendipity, Martin's Primary School in North London had an open venue available the very next Sunday. Even though it was an emergency booking, the energetic staff welcomed us warmly.

The school halls offered just the expanded space we required. Little did we know how magical that afternoon would be, with families joining us to practice yoga together. Despite the unfamiliar backdrop, an atmosphere of joy, playfulness and community emerged.

I believe the school's loving environment, usually filled with students, imparted its own nurturing vibes which enhanced our event. It proved to be another auspicious location supporting the blossoming movement.

Our third gathering showed such promise as we moved to the idyllic setting of Vittoria Wharf. Situated along the banks of the Thames, the venue treated us to stunning sunset views over the water. As attendees arrived under rosy skies, I could feel the artistic energy of the area fostering inspiration.

Our vibrant community came together for a full day of nourishing activities as our third gathering began early afternoon along the banks of the Thames. The afternoon started with Kemetic yoga flows and Qi Gong dances to energize both bodies and spirits from the early hours. As the sun began to dip below the horizon, all gathered for a transcendent Tibetan bowl sound healing.

The full-day program seamlessly wove together nourishing activities to support whole health, from gentle movement to conscious breathwork and meditation. Feedback showed this holistic approach effectively sustained individuals as they nurtured connections along their wellness journeys.

When the opportunity to hold our finale in Studio Wayne McGregor arose, I knew this was no coincidence. The intimate yet expansive space allowed each element of our day to shine - from tranquil yoga niches to lively discussions and most exquisite of all, shared meals. Sister Michelle's nourishing curation in the kitchen brought it all to another level.

Witnessing the loving support of Sisters Letitia, Sister Michelle, Sister Zemamnesh and all the others who stepped in where needed still stirs deep feelings of immense gratitude. Their contributions affirmed what was becoming clear - a new conscious community was organically taking seed.

As I reflect on the day's profound unfolding, I am filled with gratitude for the privilege of cultivating this sacred space. This new community will surely blossom through future connections. For now, I thank you for being part of this meaningful journey.

In loving light and service,

Tarun Hari Das

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