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Little Andy from GEMI MAGIC

Get ready to be blown away by the incredible DJ Little Andy from Gemi In Ting Magic Sound at the highly anticipated Conscious Radiance Retreat in April 2024!

Since the 1980s, Gemi In Ting Magic Sound has been an integral part of the community, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of music lovers worldwide. With its immersive sound and infectious energy, Gemi In Ting Magic Sound System has gained international recognition as a true cornerstone of the music scene.


In a team of this extraordinary sound system is the talented DJ Little Andy, a true master of his craft. With over four decades of experience under his belt, DJ Little Andy continues to bring his passion and expertise to the stage, captivating audiences every weekend. His dedication to his art and his innate ability to read and rock a crowd is truly unmatched.

DJ Little Andy's wealth of experience shines through in every set he plays. He possesses an intuitive understanding of how to create an electrifying atmosphere, leaving the crowd in awe and completely immersed in the music. Whether it's a pulsating beat or a soulful melody, DJ Little Andy knows exactly how to tap into the energy of the audience and take them on a musical journey they will never forget.

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The Musical History

Additionally, DJ Little Andy's speciality in reggae sets him apart as a true ambassador of the genre. With an unwavering love for reggae music and a deep understanding of its roots and culture, he brings the soulful rhythms and conscious lyrics of reggae to life on the dance floor.

DJ Little Andy's reggae selections transport listeners to the golden era of Jamaican music, paying homage to legendary artists such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, and Peter Tosh. His seamless transitions and expertly curated reggae anthems create an atmosphere of unity, positivity, and pure irie vibes.

Whether it's classic reggae hits, rare gems, or modern interpretations, DJ Little Andy's reggae sets are a testament to his passion and dedication to the genre. His infectious energy and genuine love for reggae music are palpable, leaving the crowd uplifted and inspired.

Up To The Times

As DJ Little Andy takes the stage on Sunday at the Conscious Radiance Retreat, be prepared to immerse yourself in the irresistible grooves of reggae. Let the rhythm move your body, uplift your spirit, and unite you with fellow music enthusiasts in a celebration of love, peace, and unity.

DJ Little Andy's expertise in reggae music is a testament to his commitment to preserving the rich legacy of the genre while infusing it with his own unique style and energy. Get ready for a reggae experience like no other as DJ Little Andy brings the essence of Jamaica to the Conscious Radiance Retreat.

Join us in April 2024 and let DJ Little Andy from Gemi In Ting Magic transport you to the heart and soul of reggae music, where every beat carries a message of love and every note resonates with the power of positive vibrations.

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