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DJ Squeeze

Music Extra-ordinaire

The Musical Journey of Tarun Hari Das

Whether playing piano as a child, engineering hit records, or spreading healing vibrations as DJ Squeeze, Tarun Hari Das’ relationship with music has always gone far beyond any normal notion. His four-decade evolution mirrors the transformational journey undertaken by those open to exploring sound’s capacities to uplift, heal and empower.

As the visionary prepares to share his melodic medicines once more at the Conscious Radiance retreat this April, retracing the spiritual quest underlying his artistic evolution offers insight into this master musician’s enduring devotion to music’s ability to help others transcend.

The Process of Becoming

While Tarun's four-decade musical journey epitomizes transformation, glimpses of his gifts appeared from earliest days. Born Trevor Davy in London, natural piano skills emerged at just five years old. Motivated parents nurtured classical training to develop talents evident since infancy.


By adolescence, voracious music exploration far surpassed peers. Record collections encompassed Cuban jazz, West African polyrhythms, English folk, reggae and golden era soul. Technical mastery at multiple instruments complemented innate abilities feeling music's vibrations deeply. Across genres, Tarun sensed sound's power to lifting spirits and guiding spiritual growth.

Tarun cut his teeth in London's underground as Prefix One. Residencies at iconic venues like Funky Green club introduced emerging electronic sounds infused with vocal snippets. Technical excellence gained industry respect, writing, producing and remixing stars like Aaliyah, Alver Anderson of Chic, Beverly Knight , Maxi Priest, Beris Hammond, Mica Paris, Jamelia and many more.

Behind the scenes, continual engineering innovation refined Tarun's artistry. Collaborations with legends burnished credentials while spreading independent releases far beyond dance floors. Yet his evolution delved inward through committed yoga and meditation practices. Mantras resonated profoundly, inspiring journeys discovering ancient traditions' wellness wisdom.

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The Intricate Journey

Besides his musical talents, Trevor also felt a deep personal connection to spirituality from a young age. He strongly believed that certain musical vibrations had healing properties that could uplift the mind, body and soul. It was this holistic view that first drew Trevor to experiment with unexpected soundscapes that fused elements of jazz, meditation music and worldbeat rhythms. Seeing the transformative impact these songs had on listeners opened Trevor's eyes to a whole new dimension of music's power to facilitate well-being.

As Trevor delved further into spiritual philosophies like Vedanta, his life took a profound turn. Introduced to the sacred teachings of Shri Shri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaj, Trevor underwent a transformative initiation process. He emerged anew, fully embracing his spiritual name - Tarun Hari Das. With this pivotal change in identity, Tarun's musical ethos crystallized. No longer was he simply creating catchy tracks - now, his productions took on a deeper healing function to uplift both artist and audience alike.

As Tarun Hari Das, also fondly known as "DJ Squeeze," he founded the wellness organization Transcending Matters. Transcending Matters is a remarkable organization dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey of self-development and personal growth. Through its mindfully crafted programs, Tarun and the Transcending Matters team aim to help people access their deepest wisdom and potential. The various events, classes, retreats and other resources aim to enlighten both the mind and soul. Activities like meditations, yoga sessions, creative arts workshops and spiritual discussions all aim to spark reflection, increase self-awareness and foster inner peace.

While Tarun cut his teeth as a DJ under his production name Prefix One, unleashing genre-bending heaters in London's underground scene, as well as festivals, a divine evolution was imminent. As he delved deeper into spiritual philosophies and founded Transcending Matters, Tarun's approach to music shifted - it became a vessel for higher consciousness.

When a loyal listener commented how Tarun's mixes seemed to "squeeze every drop of essence and should be called DJ Squeeze", inspiration struck. He had found the perfect moniker to encapsulate his new healing mission behind the decks - DJ Squeeze was born. No longer playing solely for dancers' feet, Tarun began journeys for the soul.

Each DJ Squeeze set extracts vibrational vitamins from songs, weaving melodies like a shamanic healer. Listen, and feel knots untie as bliss spreads. Audiences regularly share how a Squeeze experience permanently awakened new depths and possibilities within. Now, at the Conscious Radiance retreat, generations of influences converge - from the jazz halls of yore to dancefloors past to today's spiritually-aligned gatherings.

Through his boundary-pushing career trajectory, Tarun Hari Das has proven that inner and outer transformation can happen simultaneously. From prodigious jazz pianist to spiritually-driven producer and healer, his inspiring journey validates how creative expression intertwines with personal growth. Attendees at the Conscious Radiance retreat will have a unique chance to experience Tarun's healing sounds live, and perhaps catch a glimpse of how music can serve as the heartbeat of meditation and mindfulness when channelled properly. Most importantly, they will witness first-hand how an open and seeking heart led one man on an extraordinary path toward using his gifts to uplift humanity.

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