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DJ Mr Marlon

Conscious Radio DJ

As one of London's premier selectors for over two decades, Mr. Marlon's discography runs deep with roots, culture, and dub classics essential for any gathering aimed at higher mindfulness. His crates contain rare collaborations from reggae legends as well as hidden gems perfect for cultivating wellness of body and soul. Participants can look forward to Mr. Marlon delving deep into his reserves to curate a seamless soundtrack tailored precisely to our retreat's goals.

Those familiar with Mr Marlon's journey will know that music has been his vehicle for service since first being exposed to the rhythms and culture of reggae through the sound system G.LOVE in 1995. Drawn deeply to reggae's message of positivity, spirituality and togetherness, he immersed himself in London's sound system scene and began honing his mixing skills. Before long, he had developed a reputation as one of the most versatile and people-centric DJs in the city, just as adept at curating library sessions as energizing dance parties. Crucially, he also never lost sight of music's power to bring communities together and evoke higher consciousness.


Mr. Marlon's professional reputation was built on always keeping the people pivotal. From acclaimed club sets to community gatherings of all sizes, his approach prioritizes inclusiveness and participation. This humanistic ethos makes him the ideal arbiter as we aim to foster mindfulness through group energy. Expect Mr. Marlon to seamlessly blend intimate tunes tailored for stillness with larger-than-life crowd-pleasers meant to unleash catharsis through movement and unity.

Beyond selections, Mr. Marlon also epitomizes the holistic balance we seek through wellness of mind, body and soul. In addition to being a devoted music man, he models well-rounded wellbeing through commitments like marathon running and healthy vegan cooking - both passions he happily shares. Participants can look forward to gleaning lifestyle insights from this living example of achieving equilibrium.

Decades promoting positive vibes through music have also granted Mr. Marlon unequalled instincts for reading and uplifting any crowd. As retreat attendees embark on personal wellness journeys through mindfulness practices, his empathic mixing will provide the perfect energetic support tailored precisely to each group's ever-shifting needs. Whether guests require grounding bass or soaring horns to enhance meditations, or simply wish to let loose under a full moon, Mr. Marlon possesses an innate sixth sense for stewarding any vibe.

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Yoga Studio

The Depth

Throughout his career, DJ Mr Marlon has garnered several accolades that speak to his talent and dedication. He has been awarded Best All Round Radio Presenter, Best Community DJ, Hardest Working Street Sound, and Outstanding Contribution Services to the Guyanese Community, showcasing his commitment to his craft and the communities he serves.

Having welcomed icons like Marcia Griffiths and Maxi Priest to his renowned Conscious Radio show, Mr. Marlon also moves comfortably among celebrities and brings star-studded industry wisdom to our retreat. Participants can expect exclusive insights into the wellness practices and philosophies of top reggae artists.

The Scope

In closing, it gives me great joy that Mr. Marlon, a veritable institution in reggae culture, has agreed to guide our evenings with his boundless positives. Mr Marlon will offer retreatants a more immersive reggae education and true community experience. I am honoured that The Community Servant shares our vision of using music to cultivate wellness, mindfulness and spiritual growth, and look forward to welcoming this London legend to our conscious gathering this April.

Get ready to groove and immerse yourself in the amazing soundscape created by DJ Mr Marlon. Follow him on his official Facebook page, DJ Mr Marlon Live Stream, to stay updated on his latest mixes and live streams. Join the vibrant community of music lovers and experience the magic of DJ Mr Marlon's music firsthand.

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