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Intimate Luxury Retreat in Portugal, April 18-25


Your Journey


Are you longing for a getaway devoted entirely to self-care, renewal and rejuvenation? Look no further than our exclusive wellness retreat taking place April 18-25, 2024 in Portugal’s gorgeous Algarve region.

Spend 7 nurturing nights at the serene 9-bedroom Villa Luz immersed in self-care practices like yoga, meditation and nutrition workshops. Renew yourself surrounded by lush countryside gardens and scenic views.

This intimate setting, limited to 12 guests max, ensures personal attention and deep connection. It’s the ideal environment to press pause on daily demands and focus entirely on you.





To The Sun


Daily Activities

Morning Practices:

  • Sunrise Kemetic Yoga

  • Guided Meditation

  • Tai Chi Flow

Wellness Workshops:

  • Psychology, Wellness, Vedanta & Studies of Bhagavad Gita by Tarun Hari Das

  • Nutrition for Mind-Body Balance

  • Herbal Teas for Healing

  • Group Tibetan Sound Healing Session

Movement Modalities:

  • Kemetic Yoga (Shaolin Template) - The secret system that built China

        By Tarun Hari Das (Black Belt Instructor)

  • Qi Gong Energy Circulation

  • Therapeutic Yoga Nidra

  • Air, Land & Sea Meditation (RhnanaBhandana)

Creative Expression:

  • Journaling for insight & Gratitude

  • Gratitude Walk

  • Circle Of Life

Evening Activities:

  • Nidra Yoga

  • Question & Answer Sessions

  • 108 Om Chanting Circle

Community Building:

  • Group Meditation

  • Inspiring Discussions

  • Confidence Workshops

The Benefits

Find Your Inner Equilibrium - The varieties of daily mind-body practices such as yoga, meditation and qi gong have been carefully selected to help you achieve greater balance and clarity. The calming quiet setting acts as the perfect backdrop to relieve stress and revive your wellness from within.  Discover the true depths of Meditation with Tarun Hari Das (Level 3 (Masters)) initiation in Radha Kunda (The Sacred Himalayas of India)

Nourish Connections - Spending time in the community is just as important to your well-being as self-care. You'll bond with a supportive circle through group activities and meaningful discussions that foster personal growth. Unplug to strengthen real relationships that will empower your journey long after the retreat ends.

Revitalize Through Nature - Portugal's lush scenery provides the ideal sanctuary to recharge both spirit and soul. Inspiring landscapes dotted with swaying trees, and vibrant gardens offer the opportunity to intuitively reset. Allow the therapeutic energies of your natural surroundings to nourish you on a deeply restorative level during your week-long stay.


Your Escape Awaits - Limited Community Pricing for Our Conscious Community

While we had hoped to bring you our full Conscious Radiance Festival experience this April, unforeseen circumstances required a change of plans. However, we refused to let the month go by without providing an opportunity for restoration.

By popular demand, we've pulled together an intimate retreat experience at Villa Luz - but with only 3 weeks to prepare and just 3 rooms remaining, everything must be offered at our Community Pricing.

For those seeking solitary renewal, single occupancy is available for just £1400. For those wishing to connect deeply, our double room Community Rate is £2400. Both represent over 30% savings off standard prices.

This opportunity is a rare chance to experience a premium, holistic retreat at such an affordable price. You'll leave refreshed in mind, body and soul through daily practices carefully crafted for rapid transformation, and thanking yourself for making a sound investment into self-care and self-growth.

This truly may be your last chance to escape to Portugal this spring. Trust that your well-being is our highest priority and book swiftly using our special Community Rates. Your retreat awaits - don't hesitate to secure one of the final two rooms today!

Contact us at:

+44 7946 621232

+44 7424 117760

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