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Intimate Luxury Retreat in Portugal, April 18-25


Major Discount


Energy-zapping winter blues got you down? Shake it off with a vitality-restoring getaway like no other, but you only have two weeks left at this unprecedented low rate! Join us for daily rituals to restore soul, mind and health underneath the bluest skies as we nourish every layer from the inside out. Your renewal awaits - claim it now before it's too late!

Join us for a soul-nourishing escape like no other under Portugal's tropical skies, within easy reach of pristine beaches, lush countryside and historic towns. Restore body and mind through daily activities, workshops and culinary indulgences meant to revive your radiance from the inside out.

This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime - but don't let it pass you by. Booking these final two spots ensures your place in coastal bliss, where stresses will simply dissolve into azure waters and you'll depart totally transformed, inside and out. One week is all it takes to revive your glow; will you take the leap or miss your chance at rebirth among olive groves and sun-drenched revelry? Claim your spot today before it's too late!


A Gateway to Transformation

Transcend with Ease


Renewal Redefined

The Algarve region has long held an intrigue, with its strategic coastal perch where the Mediterranean meets the North Atlantic bringing unpredictable cosmopolitan energy. Ancient cities etched into limestone cliffs retained secret societies of healers utilizing the land's gifts. Mystical energy work was paired with harvesting bounties from orchards, olive groves and the sea.

Each moment nurtures your soul on levels beyond simple sight and sound. Sink into lush surroundings designed to stir your spirit through discovery. Energetic properties in every plant, stone and sea breeze revive your radiance from far within. Escape notions of "wellness" as you know it.

The Overview

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The Benefits

    Find Your Inner Equilibrium - The varieties of daily mind-body practices such as yoga, meditation and qi gong have been carefully selected to help you achieve greater balance and clarity. The calming quiet setting acts as the perfect backdrop to relieve stress and revive your wellness from within.  Discover the true depths of Meditation with Tarun Hari Das (Level 3 (Masters)) initiation in Radha Kunda (The Sacred Himalayas of India)

    Nourish Connections - Spending time in the community is just as important to your well-being as self-care. You'll bond with a supportive circle through group activities and meaningful discussions that foster personal growth. Unplug to strengthen real relationships that will empower your journey long after the retreat ends.

    Revitalize Through Nature - Portugal's lush scenery provides the ideal sanctuary to recharge both spirit and soul. Inspiring landscapes dotted with swaying trees, and vibrant gardens offer the opportunity to intuitively reset. Allow the therapeutic energies of your natural surroundings to nourish you on a deeply restorative level during your week-long stay.


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