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The Full Story


Introducing Pablo Imani, an exceptional African yoga teacher who will be gracing the Conscious Radiance Wellness retreat with his profound knowledge and transformative approach to yoga. Hailing from Africa, Pablo Imani brings a unique perspective to the world of yoga, combining ancient wisdom with a contemporary understanding of holistic well-being.

Pablo Imani's journey into yoga began with a deep desire to reconnect with his African roots and explore the profound teachings of the body, mind, and spirit. His extensive training and experience have enabled him to develop a distinctive style that seamlessly blends traditional African practices with the principles of yoga. This fusion creates a harmonious and culturally rich experience for participants.


Pablo Imani

As a yoga teacher, Pablo Imani embodies grace, strength, and authenticity. His teachings transcend the physical aspects of yoga, delving into the deeper dimensions of self-awareness and self-discovery. Through his expert guidance, participants are invited to explore their bodies, minds, and spirits, fostering a sense of unity and connection with themselves and the world around them.

His Presence

At the Conscious Radiance Wellness retreat, Pablo Imani's presence promises to be a catalyst for profound change and self-transformation. His teachings will empower participants to cultivate a deeper connection with themselves, their community, and the world at large, fostering a sense of well-being, harmony, and conscious living.

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