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Mikel, a renowned musical artist and spiritual mentor, is set to grace the Conscious Radiance Wellness Retreat with his unique blend of transformative experiences. With his famous CHEZA ROHO dance meditation set to the captivating rhythms of amapiano music, Mikel has carved a niche for himself as an energetic guide, helping individuals tap into their inner radiance and unlock their highest potential. In this write-up, we will explore Mikel's background, his signature dance meditation, and the profound impact he has had on countless individuals seeking spiritual growth and self-discovery.

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The Full Story

You can connect with Mikel The Energy and delve into his world by following him on Instagram at His Instagram account serves as a gateway to his captivating workshops, performances, and daily inspirations. Through visually stunning posts and engaging captions, Mikel shares his expertise, uplifting messages, and updates on his upcoming events.

Yoga Studio

Mikel The Energy

CHEZA ROHO Dance Meditation:
Mikel's most renowned offering is the CHEZA ROHO dance meditation, a transformative practice that combines movement, music, and meditation. Rooted in the energetic and vibrant rhythms of amapiano music, this dance meditation invites participants to surrender to the music, allowing their bodies to move freely and expressively. The practice encourages individuals to tap into their authentic selves, release emotional blockages, and cultivate a deep sense of joy, liberation, and connection.

All About The Energy

Musical Artistry:
Beyond his dance meditation practice, Mikel is a gifted musical artist. His compositions blend various genres, including amapiano, Afrobeat, and tribal rhythms, creating a captivating fusion of sound. Mikel's music is not only artistically rich but also deeply spiritual, designed to inspire and uplift the listener.

Through his music, Mikel invites his audience to embark on a sonic journey that stirs the soul and expands consciousness. His performances are known for their electrifying energy, infectious rhythms, and profound messages of love, unity, and spiritual awakening. Mikel's unique ability to merge music and spirituality makes him a standout figure in the world of holistic wellness and artistic expression.

Mikel's presence at the Conscious Radiance Wellness Retreat is a true gift for participants seeking to explore the transformative power of movement, music, and spirituality. Through his famous CHEZA ROHO dance meditation, Mikel invites individuals to embrace their bodies, express themselves freely, and connect with their inner radiance. As a musical artist and spiritual mentor, Mikel's multidimensional approach to wellness provides a holistic and enriching experience for those who seek personal growth, joy, and spiritual awakening.

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